Branding Identity
Client: The Fourth Wave

Objective: To create a promotional advertising campaign for a proposed small chain of third wave coffee shops that are only in underwater locations.

Target Audience: Coffee enthusiasts and adventure seekers looking for a unique and unforgettable coffee experience.

Key Message: Our exclusive underwater third wave coffee shops offer a unique and unforgettable coffee experience with expertly crafted coffee blends, stunning underwater views, and an unforgettable atmosphere.

Our exclusive underwater third wave coffee shops are committed to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. One way we do this is by using eco-friendly cups made from algae. Our innovative production process transforms this renewable resource into biodegradable cups that reduce our carbon footprint. Customers can enjoy our expertly crafted coffee blends while doing their part for the planet.

“Take the plunge into a world of rich flavors and unique brewing techniques with our exclusive underwater third wave coffee shops! Our carefully selected locations provide stunning underwater views and an unforgettable atmosphere. Sip on our expertly crafted lattes as you explore vibrant coral reefs and swim alongside exotic marine life. It’s a brew-tiful experience like no other. Come and discover the depths of coffee excellence with us and make a splash with every sip!”
Thanks a latte for diving into our underwater coffee adventure! We’re bubbling with excitement to have you as part of our community. Keep making a splash with us and stay tuned for more brew-tiful experiences. Cheers!

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