Existent from 2018 until 2021, electric WELL was a creative design studio that operated out of Kingston, NY. Starting from websites and logos and moving increasingly towards video and motion design, the business engaged with a variety of local clients until wrapping up around the end of 2021.

Above is the final electric WELL branded motion design reel, completed at the beginning of 2022 and representing the beginning years of growing into 3D design and animation from some initial starts at the end of 2019 through work completed in December 2021.
Above is a selection of stills from work completed in the electric WELL visual style. Included are promotions, experiments in Blender and Illustrator as well as more developed work rendered in Redshift.
Included above is an earlier version of the electric WELL logo which attempted to convey the foundational premise of the studio. In the imaginal world of electric WELL, the creativity that fuels any project is viewed as a wellspring or fluid source. Since electric WELL operated almost totally in the digital domain, the reliance on electricity to power not only the devices for media consumption but also the tools of the process meant that this aspect of the world is the "electricity."

So translated into basic language, the name electric WELL is a symbolic way of describing digital creativity.

Over the years, the logos went through a number of iterations both coming closer to and getting further away from this premise. While now on indefinite hiatus, the business was a way to explore process and after four years of client work, electric WELL led in some ways to a defined method of creative exploration and development.

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