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Branding/Identity Development

While the project is currently on hold, developing the visual look and feel as well as a series of social graphics for the podcast was incredibly important.

The major premise is that spirituality as a whole seeks in its ideal form to uplift the character of human experience, but often lacks genuine engagement with material forces that shape daily conditions. Conversely, emancipatory political projects often view spiritual attitudes with disdain and see inner work as evading real tangible change.

Without basic needs met, it can be incredibly difficult to explore inner work and development and so the podcast attempts to blend these two threads together, suggesting that the political utopias of radicals like Eugene V. Debs should be embraced those who are drawn into spiritual philosophy.
The tablet or book paired with the iridescent background was chosen to represent these ideas suggesting both knowledge and information, especially in a digital age, coupled with the overture towards a wave of visual aesthetics that utilize pastel colors and other similar imagery to build a calming and "floaty" presence that is bucolic and cloud-like.
The cheerful and soft visual style is a response to radical and resistance movements often presenting and framing things in terms of oppositions or battles (with the associated colors, forms and words). Instead of remaining in the context of conflict, the emphasis is on overwriting this story with a veneer of utopian possibility.

This is a tactic rather than a denial and the tendency towards what is desired is a take on "pre-figuration" which ideally caters to an audience starved for incisive class-consciousness based commentary and dialogue.
These social graphics attempt to convey both the intended audience and approach. Topic areas planned include Modern Monetary Theory, Theosophy, the Red Deal, and Decriminalization (mainly of drug use). Some of these inter-lapping circles indicate the previously mentioned subject areas. Additional explanatory visuals are planned when the podcast is fully launched.
Thanks for making it this far!

If you want to support me or my podcast, hire me for your design and branding projects so I can one day have time and resources to really dedicate to changing the world one long chatty conversation at a time!

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