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Tola Brennan

Experience Design

Tola Brennan

Experience Design

Selected Projects

2011 – Present

Sweet Produxions

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Throwing Los Angeles raves, pool parties and more. Contributions include graphic and motion design, production, and strategy.

concept release

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Underground techno event concept with origins in a music and art gathering held in Stone Ridge, NY in 2021.


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A summer of techno parties in upstate New York. As founder and lead, my role encompassed promotion, booking, design, and ticketing.

Scenic Hudson

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During the pandemic, I worked with this anchor environmental non-profit to program a series of online events, including multiple livestreams and a virtual art gallery. I also supported a campaign to stop a fracked gas power plant.

Fairy Gathering

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Festival concept with a number of small community-building events already accomplished. As creator, I developed the vision and mission behind the event as well as handled all aspects of production during our inaugural launch party.


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A blog and community building awareness around the cooperative movement. I assisted the founder, Evelyn Wright, with all aspects of the project including branding, strategy, web and graphic design, and event production.

Being Fearless

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Large conference held at upstate New York retreat center. My role included branding, graphic design, motion design, promotion and video editing.

No Real Than You Are

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Sarasota, Florida based film production. As production designer, I led a large creative team to create ambitious sets, create beautiful props, and scout ideal locations.

Kinetic Tent

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An interactive sculpture made from welded steel and fabric curtains intended to evoke surprise tactile experiences.